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Love It or Leave It

Dec 23, 2020

On this episode of Love It or Leave It Samantha Clarke discusses what is next for her and how this is just the start for Love It or Leave It. She also invites you to think about your answer to the questions that can help you discover what you want to Love or Leave behind as we move into the new year.


“With so much happening in the economy and lots of external things we can't really control. The only thing you can control is how you work, how you show up, and how you bring money into your lives that you can live in.” - Samantha


3.13 - Sitting with this year, and what you want the new year to look like

6.47 - Creating a map of your achievements this year

11.47 - We all have a responsibility

16.21 - How could you show up in your relationships

25.12 - Leaning into Love It or Leave to create a different vision of what work could be for us

30.25 - What would it look like for me to let go of the weight of expectation?


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