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Love It or Leave It

Dec 2, 2020

On this episode of Love It or Leave it Samantha Clarke interviews Vanessa Belleau, who is a business strategist, inclusion and belonging consultant, executive coach, and just a magical human. Listen as they talk about navigating that transition from leaving a job and moving into being a freelancer and knowing how to command your rates, questioning how you want to work to really levelling up and building your own consultancy.


“Connecting with yourself and how to show up authentically. That I think is very, very important.” - Vanessa




2.38 - Vanessa introduces herself in 3 words

5.01 - Discover Vanessa’s journey to becoming a storyteller of social truths

9.58 - Managing the crave for deeper exploration alongside growing expertise within a company

13.39 - Is it our responsibility to show up 100% ourselves at work whether or not it is liked?

19.53 - Does the type of industry change how these practices are viewed?

21.40 - Vanessa reveals what she does to look after her mental health everyday


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