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Love It or Leave It

Dec 9, 2020

In this episode Samantha discusses happiness and the toxic levels of it that we may have been forced to engage in or that are expected of us during dark times. Also opening up an invitation to for us to be more vulnerable and open about what is working and what isn’t working for us. Listen as Samantha picks apart common phrases we use to try and change our mindset.


”We have to really move into our body and think about ways to navigate feelings and emotions” - Samantha




1.25 - As a happiness consultant is Samantha always happy?

2.31 - We have to move into our body to navigate feelings and emotions

5.31 - The importance of being realistic with the challenges that we face

8.11 - The freeness of saying things are difficult right now

12.23 - What conversations do the people around you really need?

16.22 - What does success look like for you?


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