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Love It or Leave It

Sep 23, 2020

On this episode of Love It or Leave it hear the first in a series of Samantha Clarke interviewing a reader of her book Love It or Leave It. Rebecca started out in her career as a Dentist and in this episode you will discover how Samantha’s book has helped her to forge a new portfolio career as well as a new way of looking at her working week.




I have a very firm belief of tailoring treatment plans, so I thought, well why am I not tailoring my career to me? - Rebecca




2.18 - Discover why Rebecca decided to invest in Love It or Leave It

4.36 - Rebecca discusses loyalty in the workplace

8.51 - How do you get to the point of needing a mix of different professional practices?

16.22 - Rebecca maps out her week with 3 strands to her portfolio career

19.02 - Find out what Rebecca’s purpose umbrella is

21.28 - How to get through the moments of feeling stuck

24.58 - Rebecca tells us her favourite exercises from the book

28.34 - Rebecca’s advice to you if you are thinking about getting the book



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