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Love It or Leave It

Mar 2, 2020

On this episode of Love It or Leave it Samantha Clarke interviews Lucy Werner about her work as founder of The Wern, a PR & design agency for startups, entrepreneurs and independent brands. She also consults for innovation, marketing and other public relations agencies on their go-to market strategies, raising CEO profiles and developing thought leadership. Listen as Samantha and Lucy discuss being tactical in your publicity to see what works for you as well as her thoughts on working with her partner.



Lucy Werner - So I think it’s this myth that you need someone else to do it for you and actually you yourself are in the best place to promote yourself.



3.21 - You are in the best place to promote yourself

6.25 - Thinking outside of your ego

8.56 - How are you going to be spending your time differently on Instagram moving forwards?

13.52 - Hyping yourself is key in this day and age, so how do you navigate that?

23.42 - What advice would you give to people who are thinking about starting to work together as a couple?

30.04 - The biggest risk is being able to find solutions to your income if you aren’t able to work

34.06 - How have you found diversifying your work operations?

38.41 - What should we love or leave behind when thinking about PR?


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