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Love It or Leave It

Dec 16, 2020

In this episode of Love It or Leave It Samantha interviews Irene Moore, who is a business strategist with a difference. She has had incredible experiences, working with Bobby Brown and Dior. Listen as she talks about her journey, the impact that she really desired to make in the world, how she moved from handing in her notice to creating six figures in her business immediately. Also discover what you can do to put yourself in the right place if you were thinking about starting a business.


“I think it is so important to try and get outside and remind yourself that there is a world bigger than you and what’s going on.” - Irene




4.12 - Having the power to respond from the perspective of peace

6.37 - Your values being your compass

8.35 - How seeking possibility and hope encourages entrepreneurship

12.50 - Plucking up the courage to tell your manager enough is enough

16.43 - What corporate skills has Irene developed that have helped her entrepreneurial career?

22.07 - How does Irene stay joyful?

30.30 - What has Irene allowed to let go of in this pandemic?

33.19 - Find out what Irene would love or leave behind



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