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Love It or Leave It

Sep 30, 2020

On this episode of Love It or Leave it Samantha Clarke interviews Flynn Coleman. Flynn is an author, an international human rights attorney, a social justice advocate, a Harvard fellow, a professor, a public speaker, a former competitive athlete, an ethical fashion designer, and a founder and CEO. Listen as they discuss how we can overcome tech biases across race, gender and age. Also how we can galvanize our voices in the workplace.




2.31 - 5 words describing Flynn’s work

6.31 - Flynn reveals what she enjoys the most about her portfolio career

10.56 - Discover Flynn’s reason for writing her book

14.18 - What can the average person do to overcome tech biases?

18.28 - How does someone who is trying to find their voice galvanize others at work?

23.04 - Flynn discusses the parental influence on how we view our careers

26.46 - Flynn’s version of self-care and wellbeing

29.35 - Hear Flynn’s advice on we should Love or Leave behind


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