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Love It or Leave It

Dec 30, 2020

On this episode of Love It or Leave it Samantha Clarke interviews Emma Sexton from Make Your Words Work. Listen as we discuss all the magical things around how to build a business with empathy, what a disruptive agency model is. And all the issues that come up when you're trying to build a business in one way when everyone's going in a completely different direction.


“I don’t think anybody should put up with a bad work life, work should be somewhere that you thrive.” - Emma




4.02 - Find out how Emma set up her agency

7.59 - How does one start to instil trust?

12.21 - Every moment of unhappiness is a new business venture waiting to be born 

18.35 - Emma reveals what she thinks the future of work will be

26.40 - Do women find it harder to have the confidence to trust your gut?

33.28 - Discover what is the best piece of advice Emma has received?

36.48 - What would Emma love or leave behind?



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